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Simple Green Juice Supposedly Serves as a Powerful Parasite Cleanser

Plus, it's also a heavy metal detox juice!

The idea of having parasites living in your body doesn’t seem appealing to most folks and if you believe you are currently experiencing living organisms thriving around in your gut, you may be looking for a natural solution.

If this sounds like you, TikTok plant-based couple @theelectriceats has a green juice recipe that they claim to be a powerful parasite cleanser that not only clears your gut, but can also help rid the body of heavy metals!

The simple green juice smoothie consists of the following ingredients: five cucumbers, ginger, one bunch of cilantro, one bunch of parsley and one key lime. The cucumber is used as the base and is a great way to hydrate the body, while ginger is an excellent diuretic source and is a powerful ingredient to help eliminate heavy metals in the body. The plant-based couple says the two key ingredients — cilantro and parsley — are the stars of this simple green juice. As he mentions in the video, both are excellent at removing toxic metals from the body and additionally, they provide additional healing and beneficial benefits to the body. The final ingredient — key lime — is high in ascorbic acid and beta carotene and can also increase potency of iron absorption.

Clearly this simple green juice offers amazing health benefits, so no matter what health issues you may or may not be experiencing, it’s worth it to try it for yourself!