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Wellness Content Creator Offers Easy Gut-Friendly Food Swaps

So easy and necessary to do.

If your gut health is something you never paid much attention to, you may want to start. Our gut health has a significant impact on our overall health and this 2019 study shows just how the gut microbiome influences the development of chronic diseases ranging from metabolic disease to gastrointestinal disorders and colorectal cancer.

Considering how much of an important role our gut health plays in our lives, it’s important to be aware of the foods we consume on a regular basis and choose foods that are both healthier options and made with better ingredients. If you need a little help with determining what gut-friendly products you can replace in your kitchen, here are a few suggestions from TikTok wellness content creator @wellnesswithchelsv.

Starting off her list of items to replace in your kitchen pantry is by switching out Oat Crunch Cheerios for Lovebird grain-free organic cereal which is made with cleaner ingredients such as cassava, coconut, honey, coconut sugar, cinnamon, coconut oil and Himalayan salt.

A popular snack item to reconsider having in your freezer is Totino’s pizza rolls due to being packed with sodium, preservatives and saturated fat — all of which can disrupt your gut health over time. So instead of having these in your freezer, grab Snow Days Pizza Bites. This snack isn’t made with processed ingredients and is also non-GMO, USDA organic and grain free.

Another item you’ll want to swap in your kitchen is soy sauce. We know this is a popular condiment that pairs well with sushi, however, a healthier alternative is liquid aminos. This gluten-free healthier swap contains both essential and non-essential amino acids, is made with no chemical preservatives and has a strikingly similar taste to soy sauce.

Lastly, she recommends swapping out Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise for Primal Kitchen Mayo made with avocado oil. Although quite pricier than your average container of mayonnaise, Primal Kitchen’s gluten-free mayo is made with simple and mainly organic ingredients including eggs, rosemary extract, sea salt, vinegar and of course, avocado oil, making it a healthier and better choice that's just as tasty.

If you’re ready to swap out items in your kitchen for better alternatives that don’t have gut-disrupting ingredients, this is a great list to start with!