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Gut-Friendly 'Golden Glow Soup' Is Full of So Much Goodness

It'll have you glowing from the inside out.

Your skin is not only a reflection of the beauty products you use or how consistent you are with your skincare routine, but is also a major indicator of what you eat on a regular basis. Sure, having the right skincare products and being diligent with a solid skincare routine can indeed help you maintain having clear and glowing skin, however, when you’re mindful of the food you eat and regularly consume healthy food choices, that can enhance your skin and give you a beautiful glow, all while detoxing your gut.

Such is the case with this plant-based soup courtesy of TikTok content creator @plantyou. She shared an easy soup recipe that not only serves as a tasty, gut-friendly dish, but also is packed with nutrients to have you glowing from the inside out!

This flavorful soup is one of the delicious-looking soup recipes she shares on her social media channels through her “SOUPerb Soups” series. This ‘Golden Glow’ soup is packed with skin and gut health supporting ingredients such as carrots, onion, olive oil, celery, fresh garlic, spices and seasonings, white beans, vegetable broth, leafy greens, lemon, tahini and turmeric.

I love how this recipe is not only stocked with tasty ingredients that are good for your gut and overall health, but is also beneficial for your skin as well!