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Functional Nutritionist Swears by 2 Specific Fixes for Gut Health

Do you have poor gut health? Do you live on antacids no matter what you do? TikTok content creator and functional nutritionist @alex.winston shares her two favorite products for a healthy belly. 

These two items are very easy to incorporate into your routine.

The first product she enjoys using is L-glutamine, and she tells us that this important amino acid helps to restore and repair our gut health. She feels drinking this each morning on an empty stomach has repaired her leaky gut. Good to know! Please consult your physician before beginning any new supplement. Next on her list is kefir, and she tells us about the natural prebiotics and probiotics inside this drink. She drinks this 20 minutes before her first meal of the day. Easy enough for us to try.

The audience was interested in learning more. Another viewer asked, “How much of the L-glutamine do you take? And just once in the morning?” And @alex.winston replied, “I take one scoop in the morning! And one scoop at night before bed sometimes too!” Viewer @JaimeGallina inquired, “My L glutamine says to have in between meals, is there a reason you take it on an empty stomach?” And @alex.winston replied, “Because in the morning you have a completely empty stomach, therefore, best absorption. I also will take it in between meals or right before bed, too.” Viewer @KristeGernes asked, “How does the L glutamine powder taste?” And @alex.winston replied, “Has no taste!” That’s good to know! 

We'll be picking up a bottle of kefir on our next shopping trip. It can’t hurt to start the day with the right stuff in our belly.