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Gut Health Nutritionist Shares Foods She No Longer Eats

...And these are her favorite swaps.

As much as I love satisfying my tastebuds with a variety of tasty junk food every now and then, I know it’s not good for my gut. Thankfully, though there are ways I’m able to satisfy my sweet tooth with some healthier replacements that are much better for my gut and overall health.

If you’re like me and are looking for healthier food swaps that can improve your gut health, take a look at these food swaps from gut health nutritionist and TikTok content creator @nutritionbyjulie.

As she mentions in the caption of the video, while many people tend to focus on the number of calories they consume, it’s just as important (if not more important) to count the amount of chemicals that are in our foods as well, especially when we’re working on improving our gut health.

The first of five swaps she suggests to make is replacing sugar free syrups with Sweetleaf Sweet Drops. Next, she recommends replacing Monster Energy Drinks with NOOMA Organic Sport Energy Drink, as well as swapping out Fresca soda (which she notes is full of artificial sweeteners) with Ollipop Sparkling Tonic. Lastly, swap out Splenda sweetener for Monk fruit or Stevia and Zero Net Carb bread for Sprouted grain bread.

Have you tried any of these swaps before?