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Woman Hilariously Explains Why Eating Hard Boiled Eggs Helps Weight Loss

This diet food truth is just so funny. And if hard-boiled eggs have ever been part of your weight loss plan, you’ll probably understand her pain, too. TikTok content creator @lauramahachek shares some truths about this popular weight-loss food. It’s hilarious because it’s so true.

You’re not alone if you feel this way, too!

We are happy to know it’s not just us! Getting down plain hard-boiled eggs can be a gag-worthy meal for us, too. It’s probably because we’ve eaten far too many on our previous diets. We would prefer to intermittent fast and not eat at all, rather than be nauseous from eggs all day. We’re glad she said it out loud, and we appreciate her honesty more than we can describe. However, if you devil the hard-boiled egg, we will gladly consume those delicious gems and suffer in silence.

Many in the audience were happy to know they weren’t alone. Viewer @KellyPatrick335 commented, “It’s a guarantee I will be so turned off from eating for at least 5 hours lol.” Viewer @zzaynah_m said, “watching this alone made me nauseous.” Us too! Viewer @J.G noted, “lost 10kg with egg diet but never doing that again.” Viewer @lauren added, “No, I could eat like 50 in one sitting and still want more. I love hard-boiled eggs.” That’s impressive. Viewer @Aoife chimed in with, “Everyone in the comments agreeing with this is definitely allergic to eggs. I feel like this with them too, and found out I'm allergic during a random allergy test!” That may be very true.

All this talk about eggs has us feeling a little hungry! As long as you can eat them, they're not a bad idea at all.