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Nurse Practitioner Explains How to Combat High Levels of Leptin

It's as easy as taking a cold shower!

Unless you work in the medical field, the term “leptin” may be completely unfamiliar to you. So for those who are unfamiliar, leptin is a hormone your body releases that helps your body maintain your normal weight on a long term-basis. Based off of this definition and according to scientists, leptin plays a role in weight gain and modern obesity potentially just as much as calories do.

So if you’re curious to find out exactly how you can combat high levels of leptin in your body, keep reading on to find out TikTok content creator and and nurse practitioner @nursedoza's solution.

As he explains in the quick and helpful video, high levels of leptin come from inflamed fat cells around your belly and chest. Because it’s considered inflammation, you have to lower it and one great way he recommends to do so is by cold exposure.

Cold exposure can be something as simple as exposing your body to a cold shower for a few seconds or to the point where you can begin to shiver because he says it heats up your fat cells and turns them brown.

Another option to combat high levels of leptin is to take resveratrol, which is composed of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and as he mentions in the video, has been shown to help produce brown fat around your belly, which can help produce anti-inflammatory responses.

Lastly, detoxifying your liver by taking supplements such as Milk Thistle, which is great for your liver.

This information is great to have especially if you struggle with weight gain.