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Fitness Coach Shares Exactly How to Follow a High-Protein Diet

Have you ever thought about trying a high-protein diet? Does the recommended amount of protein for your weight seem like an insurmountable amount to consume? TikTok content creator, and fitness coach @bodyby_bianca shows us how easy it is to reach our protein goals, without even using protein powder.

These smart recipes won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed or hungry!

With all the talk about high-protein diets, this is one of our favorite lessons so far. She offers some really terrific advice and some great options to help increase the protein in each meal. The first meal of the day is avocado toast, with an added 1/3 cup of cottage cheese, and 2 slices of turkey, to increase the protein in this breakfast. Sounds delicious to us! Then it's time for lunch and she's using chicken, rice and vegetables for this meal. Your afternoon snack is Greek yogurt with blueberries. Dinner is similar to lunch and adds a secondary protein. In this meal, it's edamame. And those four meals she tells us equal 136g of protein and roughly 1600 calories. Wow, that sounds so much better than drinking those chalky shakes.

The audience was thrilled to have this helpful information. Viewer @abenevolentsoul commented, “This is amazing!” It really is. Viewer @courtneyvanwyk asked,“What if you’re vegetarian?” And @bodyby_bianca replied, “I could try making a vegetarian one! But likely I would replace my meat with tofu, lentil and bean-based vegan patties or falafels, and I would definitely add a vegan protein powder! @BEAM be amazing has the best one!!.” Viewer @EricaMiller inquired, "How many grams of carbs does this day have?” And @bodyby_bianca replied, “Roughly between 160-170.” Great to know.

Now we know some great ways to increase our daily protein using whole foods. We are looking forward to mixing some of these extras into our meals, too.