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Holistic Health Coach Shares 5 Things She Drinks Every Morning

Do you love learning all about new holistic health drinks and teas? You’ll surely love this next video if you do. TikTok content creator and holistic health coach @audreyannab shares her nutritious morning drink routine. And it’s left us wondering; how the heck did she get this all down?

This healthy drink routine will give your mornings a boost! 

Wow. That’s quite a routine! Her first morning beverage is Aloe Vera juice with L-glutamine. Next up is a Shilajit tea, a resin from the Himalayan mountains, and she tells us it’s filled with essential nutrients. Then she’s up for drinking a cacao-mushroom latte. After these nutrient-rich drinks, she eats breakfast and then finally has her morning coffee. God bless her young bladder! We're running to the bathroom just thinking about all this! 

The audience had some questions. Viewer @heathernicole822 asked, "How do you drink so much first thing in the morning?" And @audreyannab replied, "It’s spaced out over 2-3ish hours!" Phew. Viewer @Highcookinn asked, “So what do people do when they have to go to work in the morning, this is for people who don’t have a thing to do all day.” That's true, unless you're working, this would be very hard to do. Can you imagine your commute? Ha! Viewer @Lynn White asked, “Please explain adding coconut oil to prolong the effects of it. That’s so interesting.” And the video creator @audreyannab replied, “The fat in the oil breaks down caffeine slowly for a prolonged release of energy.” Good to know! Viewer @It’sMe commented,” I am going to try the coffee trick. I haven’t been able to drink it for a year because it randomly started making my anxiety insanely worse.” It’s worth a shot if this happens to you, too.

This has been quite an education in healthy drinks. We might just give our coffee a spoonful of ghee in the morning.