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Simple Recipe for 'Homemade Ginger Ale' Is Easy and Delicious

If you love ginger ale but hate to waste calories on sugary soda, you’ll want to see this recipe. We could not be more excited to try this refreshing drink. TikTok content creator @glowwithella shares her fantastic recipe for ginger ale.

This drink might also help to digest the Thanksgiving feast! 

If you're like us, the only time you might spare some calories on a ginger ale is when you're flying on a plane or when you're sick. We never drink soda, but we love ginger and we love effervescent cocktails. This fabulous beverage might also make a wonderful grown-up drink with a little vodka, too. For this simple soda, she slices a cup of fresh ginger and boils it covered for 30 minutes. While the ginger boils, she juices 2 lemons and adds 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Once the ginger mixture has cooled completely, stir in the lemon/maple juice. To serve, pour over ice and add your favorite sparkling water. This looks so good!

The audience loved this smart drink idea. Viewer @slobhunter suggested, "Make this all the time. Also pretty good with some gin mixed in.” Good to know. Viewer @Lfnugent asked, “How do you store the rest and how long will it last?” And @glowwithella replied, “I store it in the fridge, tightly sealed. It’ll be good around a week or less.” Great to know. Viewer @NinaHudson commented, “omg I made this, and it was so yummy! Just enough tang, but no sugar!” That’s great to hear. We will be making this later today.

We can’t wait to try it! We think our family will become huge fans of the concoctions we can create with this, too!