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Mom Swears by Homemade Pinapple Juice to Cure a Sore Throat

We're smack dab in the middle of cold and flu season, which means sore throats are bound to be running rampant. And if you're looking for a non-drug cure, you might be in luck! TikTok content creator @rightbyearth shares her homemade sore throat remedy. And if you have leftover juice, once you’re feeling better, you can make yourself a Piña colada. 

We had no idea this golden fruit could also heal our sore throat.

Who knew? She explains that pineapple contains bromelain. This enzyme helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the sinuses and throat. For this easy juice, she’s using cubed and frozen pineapple. She uses seven cups of pineapple blended with four cups of water. Then she strains the pulp and stores it in the fridge for several days. She mentions that she always has some extra frozen pineapple on hand for the long winter months. We’ll be picking up some next time it's on sale and freezing it, too.

The audience appreciated learning about this easy natural remedy. Viewer @Lyndsey commented, “I really should make my own juice!! I love the anti-inflammatory properties and it’s getting pricey buying juice all the time.” It will definitely save you some money by making your own. Viewer @Christina asked, “Can I just buy the pineapple juice in a can? Would that work?” And @rightbyearth replied, “Fresh is always best. There’s bromelain in the core, which you won’t find in a can.” That’s good to know. Viewer @AuntBeff suggested, “I add pineapple juice to my hot tea with honey. Definitely helps!” That’s a nice idea, too.

In addition to bromelain, pineapple is also high in Vitamin C, to help you fight infection. The next time our sinuses are acting up, we will be ready to give this a try!