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Tasty 'Hormone Balancing' Breakfast Is Guaranteed to Satisfy

If you’re struggling to take off those unwanted pounds and are starving yourself without results, this recipe might give you the nutrients you need to shed that extra weight. TikTok content creator @ashleymiller_fit shares one of her low-glycemic breakfast recipes. And it looks so satisfying! 

This doesn’t look like a “diet” kind of breakfast.

That’s a big breakfast for a diet. We would be more happy to consume this meal if it would help us to lose those unwanted pounds. Many women struggle with hormonal imbalances, and weight loss can be very hard with your hormones out of whack. Starvation or high chemical (sugar-free and processed foods) diets can only worsen this problem. This smart sandwich will help to keep you nourished, without all the blood sugar swings. This breakfast idea is great for everyone and can be easily altered to suit your needs and tastes. We were wondering if a GF tortilla could work here, too.

The audience was thrilled to have this recipe idea. Viewer @dani commented, “Oh, thank you!! I’m diabetic, have a chronic skin condition, and I’m trying to eat healthier and move more. This is really helpful.” Viewer @alieorcani commented, “I really, really need this lol I am insanely active and haven’t lost any weight in years. On top of that, I eat one meal a day, 900 calories, or lower.” Viewer @Ashley D commented, “I’ve started doing this and I feel amazing.” That’s so great to hear!

We always appreciate advice from someone who has successfully treated their condition with healthy eating. Food really can be an effective medicine.