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Intermittent Fasting Coach Shares Specific Meals to Help People Lose Weight

Have you tried intermittent fasting and failed? If so, you may want to take a different approach. TikTok content creator @adampotashapproach shares his plan for dropping 50 pounds. His routine might just do the trick for you.

You’ll be eating throughout the day with this plan!

This doesn’t sound too bad. He’s telling us that the first meal of the day will be at noon. This meal will be the largest of the day and it will include protein, veggies, and carbs. The carbohydrates in this meal can be potatoes, rice, quinoa, or beans. Your next meal around 3pm will be only fruit. That's different. And he tells us our 3rd meal should be at 8pm and consist of only protein and veggies. We are curious to know where to add the fat to these meals. And if you retire to bed early, 8pm may be far too late to eat your last meal. But if this plan fits into your schedule, it may be worth a shot.

The audience had many questions. Viewer @Candice inquired, “how long after you wake should you eat your first meal and how many hours before bedtime should you eat your last meal?” There are differing opinions depending on who you consult. Viewer @KevaRichards asked, “Are we able to incorporate healthy fats into those meals or should we avoid them? I'm used to keto where it's fats, fats, fats.” The best information we could find tells us that we should be including healthy fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, and salmon during our eating period.

We enjoy hearing about successful weight loss plans. And although this may not be perfect for everyone, it might just be the perfect plan for you!