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Jennifer Garner's Intense Home Workout Has People Sweating

Do you ever wonder how celebrities stay in such great shape? TikTok content creator and superstar @jennifergarner shows us the home workout that keeps her in fabulous form. And once you see it, you'll know why she looks so amazing.

It was difficult for us to merely watch her do this workout!

Oh my goodness, Jennifer, you aren't messing around! She makes it look like it's a ton of fun, proving that attitude really is everything. She's taking some seriously challenging steps and the side-to-side over the Bosu ball was no joke either. It's hard to imagine that she's smiling at the end of this, but she is. After completing this intense workout, we hope she gets a big breakfast that includes a few fluffy pancakes. We are hungry just from watching her complete this taxing routine.

This highly energetic workout impressed the audience. Viewer @ShellieMariePhilli commented, “You are a rockstar! I can’t do it, but you make me think of trying it! Lol.” She sure made it look fun! Viewer @Amerific said, “She is one of a handful of celebs I wish us normies could be friends with. Genuine, funny, quirky, sweet.. all-around good peeps.” She’s also one of the few celebs we’d want our children to admire. Viewer @SoniaDaSilva commented, “I could do the same exercise sequence right now but I won’t since today is Sunday.” Too funny!

It's easy to feel inspired by Jennifer's always cheerful and positive attitude. And although we may not be doing this intense of a workout today, we will at least try to smile during the one that we do.