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Coach Claims Simple Exercise Is the Fountain of Youth

It boasts quite a few benefits.

If getting into shape is one of your foals for the new year, then it’s time to start looking into the many different exercises you can do to help you achieve your goal. And if you’re unsure of what exercise may be a good starting point to kick off your fitness goal, may we suggest jump-roping?

According to TikTok content creator and coach @kathyjumps, this fun exercise boats a few worth-while benefits that easily prove why you should start jump-roping immediately!

Judging by her energy level and youthful appearance, she may be on to something here. She claims when she was 34-years-old, she suffered while dealing with bad posture, backache, ankle injuries and knee pain, however, after she started jump-roping consistently, she has since strengthened her knees and ankles, improved her posture, gained massive amounts of energy and feel a lot better than she did prior to starting the fun activity.

We’re not surprised by her statements and neither are her followers and viewers in the comment section. As a matter of fact, some folks shared some of the benefits they’ve experienced jump-roping.

“Believe it or not jumping rope helps strengthens the core. Core helps strengthen pelvic floor over time. JUMP anyway,” @appleuser567853162 shared. “Increased endorphins and lymphatic drainage too!” @travelerstea commented. “Jump-roping is SUPER slept on!!” @stephtolli wrote.

There you have it folks, jump-roping seems to be the way to go to if you want get fit while potentially tackling other health issues!