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Kelsea Ballerini's Thoughts on Being Healthy in 2023 Sum Up How Everyone Feels

Do you break your New Year’s resolutions after only a few hours? Or can you sustain the healthy lifestyle until spring? TikTok content creator and superstar @kelseaballerini tells us how her 2023 resolutions are going. And we understand her completely.

After you hear her resolutions, you'll love her even more!

Yes, this is very accurate. It's day one of 2023, and her resolutions were to eat healthier, not drink tequila, wash her face before bed, and wake up each day to exercise. She's telling us all this while enjoying a McDonald's hash brown and breakfast sandwich. With yesterday's makeup smudged under her eyes! She has us rolling at the end of the video when she tells us her 2023 resolutions will instead be for 2024. We like her a lot. And to be fair, performing on stage burns way more calories than 30 minutes at the gym. We think she will do just fine in 2023. But for those of us who are not performing a two hour long set, we still might want to hit the gym and lay off the fast food for a bit.

TikTok fans appreciated her honestly. Viewer @Madz commented, “The relatability here. Sprite with the McDonald’s, the day after makeup. Thank you for being one of us.” Viewer @AnnieConqueringBear said, “I was with you until you said no tequila.” Too funny! Viewer @HollyLeal noted, “But McGriddles are THE hangover cure. I don’t care what anyone says.” We think the Egg McMuffin ranks high as a hangover cure, too.

It’s always good to know that celebrities are just like us. We hope Kelsea will at least consider taking off her make-up for the rest of 2023. Her beautiful future skin will thank her for it.