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Easy 'Keto Big Mac Bowls' Are the Answer to Fast-Food Cravings

If you’ve embraced a low carb lifestyle in this new year, but are missing your drive-thru favorites, this next idea will make dieting much easier. TikTok content creator @momma_custer shows us her lazy keto meal. And it looks pretty tasty too!

This keto friendly meal won’t make you feel like you’re on a diet!

This sounds delicious! She tells us that she orders two double cheeseburgers with no ketchup, no bun, and extra lettuce. She explains that this is a much cheaper option than ordering two Big Macs and it still includes the mustard and pickles. She also requests a side of Mac sauce with her burgers. When she gets her $5 drive-thru order home, she mixes the burgers together with the sauce and enjoys a big bowl of Big Mac-flavored goodness. In case you’re wondering, two tablespoons of Mac sauce only contains 2g of carbohydrates, keeping this meal low carb and full of tasty flavor. This is a great idea and you could probably mix it up with many of your other fast-food favorites too.

The audience loved this clever concept. Viewer @christinadurish commented, “You just blew my mind! Lol.” Viewer @RachelAnn said, “Literally one of my go-to meals for fast food days too!! Love it!” It’s a great idea. Viewer @WhitneyKing commented, “Thank you for this. I struggle with fast food, so this is great.” And @momma_custer replied, “Of course! It’s hard to eat at fast-food places, but sometimes you can’t avoid it on busy nights!” Sometimes you just need a fast food fix, too.

This budget-friendly, low-carb idea sounds perfect for those times, when you just can’t make a healthy dinner, while counting carbs. We would gladly give this meal a try!