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Mom Shares Snack Tray Hack to Encourage Healthy Eating for Kids

This just may work…

As many parents to toddlers and young kids already know from personal experience, it’s not always easy attempting get your kids to eat healthy, especially when it comes to eating their vegetables.

However, with this snack tray hack from mom and TikTok content creator @thekeimachs the struggle may no longer be real!

So, the way this hack works is if you simply put a tray full of goodies out for your kids, they’ll likely be encouraged to eat new things that they otherwise typically wouldn’t eat. To be even more specific, she made a colorful snack tray full of things that her kids would eat on a regular basis, including cheddar cheese cubes, sliced green apple with caramel sauce, crackers and popcorn, as well as some healthy treats that her kids are slightly apprehensive to try such as kalamata olives, sliced cucumbers and grape tomatoes.

Additionally, she also added cookies to the tray because she learned that if you put sugar next to things that are healthy, kids are more likely to take both the cookies and the healthy option, too — sounds like a win all around!