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Dietitian Shares Simple Tip for Detoxing the Liver

Have you been giving your liver quite a workout lately? If you have or if you plan to, this cleanse will help to restore and heal. Dietitian and TikTok content creator @annettetherd explains how we can clean our bodies up. With the holiday season about to kick off, this advice comes at the perfect time!

Heal and cleanse your liver with this easy morning ritual.

That’s so easy! We can absolutely do this. We can definitely suck down a glass of lemon water in the morning. Her description of having a clogged liver being similar to a clogged toilet makes us want to start this immediately. It's so gross to think about all of that nasty stuff staying in our bodies when it really needs to exit. It's not just alcohol that can be hard on our livers. 

Certain medications, stress, and highly processed foods can all tax them out. If you have one or more of those factors, drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning will be an easy way to help ensure everything is moving properly. She emphasizes the need to increase our total water intake to help flush out the toxins. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine is also key.

The audience was happy to learn cleaning the liver can be this easy. Viewer @sandybaby214 asked, “What about if you get loose stool when you drink lemon water first thing in the morning?”And the video's creator replied, “It’ll improve! It’s a sign of gut inflammation, not so much from lemon water per se.” Good to know. Viewer @blinkskittle asked, “I heard coffee is good for the liver. Is this not true? And @ replied, “I wish it was! I’d be like drinking gallons at a time. Caffeine is sadly a toxin.” Well, that's a bummer.

This wonderful advice is so easy to follow and we will definitely be giving this a try before the holidays arrive.