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Holistic Chef Swears by 'Liver Rejuvenation Cleanse' to Lose Weight

If you’ve tried just about everything and you’re still not losing weight, we’ve found a new trend to try. TikTok content creator and holistic chef @freddie.1111 shares her 6-week liver rejuvenation cleanse. And on this diet, you won’t have to starve!

We’d sure like to lose 13 pounds in 22 days, too!

With the holidays only weeks away, we know we will be putting a heavy strain on our livers. Between the sugars, fats, and alcohol, we know that by January 1, we'll be excited to clean out our bodies. It's great to know that we'll be able to eat while on this liver rejuvenation diet. There's nothing worse than coming off the holidays on a sugar high, and going into starvation mode. 

If we start this 6 week detoxifying plan on Jan. 1, we will hopefully see much healthier bodies by Valentine's Day. That's just in time for those winter vacations, too! This diet plan is easy to follow, and you’ll be able to eat all whole foods, except grains and white potatoes! Not bad! She shares two excellent morning smoothie recipes to get your day started.

Alcohol is not allowed on this cleanse, but that works out just fine for us after all those seasonal indulgences. You could also start now and stay on this plan throughout the holidays. You'll have a brand new liver to begin the New Year.

The audience was ready to give this detox diet a try. Viewer @user5561028636511 commented, “I am starting on it tomorrow morning! I am so excited!” Good for her! Viewer @BrookeBouthillier noted, "I have started craving the citrus smoothie! I truly enjoy the flavor and they way it makes me feel!” Great to hear.

We're looking forward to starting off 2023 with a citrus smoothie! We hope it will make us look and feel great, too!