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Woman Shares What It Took for Her to Finally Lose 35 Pounds

Have you been stuck at your current weight for a while? Would you like some tips to help you move the scale in the right direction? TikTok content creator @bicepblonde shares her secrets for losing 35 pounds. It’s really solid advice. 

These are very smart lifestyle recommendations! 

This is wonderful guidance. She tells us that she initially tried to lose the weight by increasing her exercise to five days a week. This changed her body composition, but with no big weight loss. When she was ready to change her eating habits, it was the key to shedding those unwanted pounds. She’s eating 200g of carbs, 120g of protein, and 50g of fat, totaling 1800 daily calories, to help her stay in a deficit for weight loss. 

She says that her body needed the carbs to fuel the weight loss and we think this is very true for many people. She stresses that everyone is different and each of us has our own nutritional needs that vary based on height, weight, age, and activity levels. She tells us that we must prioritize healthy eating if we want to lose weight and keep it off. That is so very true.

The audience appreciated her sound recommendations. Viewer @MelissaLynne commented, “Down to 124, and it took me a year to lose 10 pounds.” And @bicepblonde replied, “That’s great! It def came off faster when I was heaviest.” Viewer @mags said, “Needed to hear this one!! I've finally built going to the gym into my routine, now just need to work on that food aspect.” Another viewer added, “Thank you for being honest and truthful about your transformation. It could be so deceiving on social media!” We appreciate her honesty, too.

We're going to prioritize healthy eating this year too. We’d love to finish up 2023, without needing to diet again!