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TikToker's Love for the Mediterranean Diet Has Us Sold

Do you enjoy eating olive oil, tomatoes, and rich, flavorful foods? If so, the Mediterranean diet may be the perfect eating plan for you. TikTok content creator @radiantlynourished shares her reasons for loving the healthy cuisine from this delicious region.

This exceptional diet is filled with healthy fats and tons of flavors!

Everything she's eating looks amazing! The Mediterranean diet consists mostly of eating fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, complex carbohydrates, nuts, beans, lean proteins, and healthy fats. She emphasizes that she always feels satisfied after eating a meal, something you don’t always feel on a low-fat diet. She tells us that we don’t need to eat dry, bland or light food to stay healthy. We couldn’t agree more. And it always seems like staying away from those processed foods is the key to any healthy lifestyle.

The audience loved her wise advice and wanted to know more about the dish she was preparing. Viewer @LinzeyHulsey inquired, "What’s your cucumber salad recipe?” And @radiantlynourished replied, “Super simple just diced cucumber, tomato, onions topped with salt, dried crushed mint, olive oil, & lemon juice.” That’s a great recipe. Viewer @sarahdowney182 asked, “What did you pour over the rice? This looks so good.”The creator replied, “That was saffron! Completely optimal touch, but does make a big difference.” Wow, we bet it does! Yummy! Viewer @MelHayes asked, “how do you make the stuff you poured on the rice?” And @radiantlynourished replied, “Crush the saffron strands and pour a small amount of hot water over the top!” 

There must be something to it, because life expectancy in the Mediterranean is some of the highest in the world. To live long, eat well.