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Metabolism Experts Shares Key Things to Focus on to Lose Weight

This really does make sense.

If losing weight in the new year is your goal, then there are certain things you should do to make sure you achieve your new years resolution. Sure, it helps to focus on your diet and fitness routine, however according to metabolism expert and TikTok content creator @themetabolismreboot, there are four key things you should particularly pay attention to in order to not only lose weight, but to keep it off.

The first thing he recommends people to do is to stop focusing on weight loss and focus on getting healthy. Focusing on health rather than on weight loss shifts you to think about the positive aspects of getting healthy as opposed to thinking about the stress of losing weight.

The second thing he suggests is eating real food instead of solely relying on meal replacement shakes, prepackaged food or fake food. The latter typically causes more stress because it brings more toxins into your body that are not sustainable and only serve as a temporary solution that doesn’t yield long-term results.

Next, he recommends people to stop exercising for weight loss. This may sounds a little crazy considering exercise is what helps people to lose weight, however, if you’re already overweight and your hormones have changed, exercising to lose weight will only cause more stress on the body. You may feel better when working out, but the belly fat will still stick around.

The last thing to focus on when trying to lose weight is to drink water. The first step in metabolizing your fat cells is called hydrolysis, so this is why it’s important to drink water and stay hydrated in order to help you burn fat. It’s also important to note that drinking water isn’t enough sometimes and you should replenish with electrolytes and minerals as well.

Clearly losing weight is a journey, but as he says in the video, if you follow these four key steps, you’ll start seeing the results of losing weight in a quicker and more sustainable process.