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Simple Mistakes Might Make People Sabotage Their Own Weight Loss

If you believe you have been in a calorie deficit and you haven’t lost any weight, this advice may be for you. TikTok content creator and fitness coach @ellacaggfitness shares the most common reasons she sees for stalled weight loss. You may not even realize you’re doing it.

We had never even considered one of these as calories!

She explains that we simply cannot lose weight unless we're in a calorie deficit. She tells us that, even if we believe we're in a deficit, we may not be counting some of the calories we are eating. She explains that even cooking spray has additional calories in it, even though the can may say it has 0 cal per quarter second spray. Wow! And if we're not counting catchup, dressings, and other cooking oils, these can all add up and prevent us from being in a deficit too. She tells us that weight lifting and doing extra cardio also won't help us to lose weight without the calorie deficit. And she explains that even if we maintain our deficit during the week, we often blow it on the weekend. So true. She also adds that no matter what our Apple Watch or fitness device is telling us, we are not actually burning anywhere near the calories that it claims. That's interesting to know.

The audience wasn't sold on this advice. Viewer @Briellepsch commented, “This stressed me out haha.” It was hard for us, too. Viewer @JamaeHiggins said, “If you’re counting cooking spray, it might be time to go see someone.” Unless you’re training for a fitness competition, we’d have to agree. Viewer @SavannahLinscott commented, "I started doing this, and I looked amazing but.. It put me into a bad eating problem. I wouldn’t let myself chew gum because it had calories. It was bad.” And @ellacaggfitness replied, “I definitely will try to offer some advice on this because it is a super common issue.” We know that's true.

We don't plan on counting cooking spray, but we will definitely be counting our weekend calories a bit more carefully.