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Weight Loss Expert Claims Special 'Morning Shot' Can Take Off 6 Pounds in a Week

If you’ve got some unwanted pounds to lose and you’re willing to drink just about anything, you’ll want to know more about this shot. TikTok content creator @alice.veneziani shares her morning weight loss drink with us. We don’t think we will enjoy it, but we will definitely be trying it! 

This morning shot is consumed to keep you balanced! 

This does not sound appealing at all. But we’ll do it because we’ve taken far worse shots in our lifetime and they certainly didn't help us lose any weight. This easy idea uses only a 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, a squeeze of lemon, and a pinch of salt mixed with a little water. Take this potion down first thing in the morning, before you eat breakfast or drink coffee. Yep, if we can get our hormones balanced and lose 5 pounds by next week, we will joyfully guzzle this stuff.

The audience was also intrigued by this idea. Viewer @8888powergirl commented, “I believe it! Lost 5 pounds in a week because of this drink, made sure to eat breakfast... and didn't drink tea till after breakfast.” Great to hear. Viewer @Jerlie asked, “Can you consider being acidic? My Doctor told me not to do it. Not a hater here. Just saying what was said.” And @alice.veneziani replied,“No absolutely. Lemon and ACV do not cause stomach acidity! It’s a misconception.” Interesting to learn. She also mentions this is safe during intermittent fasting as well.

We can’t say we are excited about drinking this shot, but we are very excited about possibly losing those 5 pounds and feeling more balanced!