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Woman Swears by Odd Mustard Trick to Relieve Headaches

It might be worth a shot.

Thanks to TikTok and other social media platforms, we’ve come across many health and wellness hacks that help us improve our health including this simple trick to reduce inflammation, this tip that informs us how to properly drink water to stay hydrated and how to make a powered-protein breakfast in a matter of a few minutes.

Clearly, social media is a tool a lot of people utilize when they’re in need of a hack, trick or tip to help them out, and this latest trick from TikTok content creator @annalanier2 is one that you may want to save for later when you’re experiencing an unbearable headache.

This simple trick she learned from her grandma involves mixing mustard with hot water and soaking your feet in the mix, and if for some reason you’re out and are too busy to stop and soak your feet, then simply swallowing a spoonful of mustard can potentially provide the same results.

If you’ve never heard of this trick before and are questioning if it truly works, some people in the comment section claims not only does mustard work at relieving headaches, but it can also help get rid oh heartburn, improve the appearance of skin burns and more!

It may be safe to say this trick is worth a shot!