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Fat Loss Expert Shares Diet Trends to Kick to the Curb in 2023

Would you like to have a fresh start this year, leaving the baggage of the previous year behind? We would too. TikTok content creator @ablack_fitness shares the 22 things we need to leave in 2022 to be successful in 2023. This is a whole new year.

This is an inspiring list of things to leave behind.

We love this and we couldn’t agree with her more. She tells us that number one on her leave-behind list is fad diets like Octavia, because in most cases, they are not going to teach you how to come off the program and the weight will come right back. Number two is weight watchers, and she tells us that this popular program doesn’t work for most. She points out that they are always changing their programs to keep you coming back. It’s a good point. If it worked, you wouldn’t need to go back. Skipping ahead to 17 on the list is any program forcing you to buy supplements. She tells us that we do not need them to lose weight and they are likely a multi-level marking scheme designed to make money. She has given us really great advice for this new year and all of these tips have given us the permission to live without all of these crazy restrictions. 

The audience loved hearing this great advice. Viewer @ChelseeChristine commented,“This is such good advice. I love that people are out there speaking the truth.” We do too. Viewer @FitOver50.0 said, “Thank you thank you thank you for dismissing the BS out there!” Viewer @user086045as9 added, “Thank you! I needed to hear that meeting my goal weight is progress and not feeling defeated cuz I’m not losing more.” Celebrating our achievements should be our top priority.

We are happy to leave the things that didn't work behind. There are better days ahead in 2023.