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Taking 'No-Sugar January Challenge' Is a Great Way to Get on a Health Kick

The benefits of ditching sugar can't be topped.

Social media has introduced the world to so many challenges including viral dance and prank challenges to name a few, however, this latest challenge we came across from TikTok content creator @thewellnesswaysjordan, is one that we can definitely appreciate.

If you’re ready to kick off your health journey in the upcoming new year, this is a great way to start! He recommends cutting sugar out of your diet completely for the month of January and says doing this and sticking with the challenge will unravel a host of amazing benefits including reducing inflammation in the body, blood sugar stabilizing, weight loss, brain fog disappearing, sharper focus and overall better health.

Now, @thewellnesswaysjordan does mention that the “No-Sugar January Challenge” will omit all sugars including fruits and vegetables, which caused some confusion in the comment section of the video, however, he posted in another video to his account, that he will soon release a guideline for the challenge. The guideline will include a food list, recipes, a list of things to do and not do regarding this challenge, as well as information about certain fruits and vegetables that you may not know contain sugar or transform into sugar and why those particular food items should be avoided, especially during this challenge.

This may not be easy, but the benefits prove to be worth jumping in on this challenge.