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Fitness Coach Shows Off Her 'Normal' Body on Social Media

Do you compare yourself to the perfectly filtered fitness models you see on social media? If you’d find it helpful to follow a normal person who’s in shape, stay right here. TikTok content creator and fitness coach @sophia.panella shows us what it's like to be fit and healthy in real life.

Healthy is the look we should all be going for!

Her honesty is greatly appreciated. She explains that she's 5 feet seven and 165 pounds and that she wears a medium/large. We think she looks terrific. She tells us that she's happy, healthy, balanced and feeling good! That is what we should all aspire to be feeling. She explains that when she started on her fitness journey, she would've enjoyed seeing someone like her too. We have no doubt that many will agree. It's hard when we compare ourselves to fitness models who are the exception, not the rule, of what women look like. Not only are they an exception, the photos we see are taken at the perfect angles, and with the perfect lighting and on the perfect day of the month. That isn't reality for most of us. We could all use more examples of what fit, healthy, and beautiful looks like in real time.

The audience was thankful for her honesty. Viewer @BrittAllen commented, “As someone who is literally the exact same size… thank you for this.” Viewer @Sam said, "This is exactly what I needed to see today.” We did too. Viewer @abigail commented, “Oh my God, I just realized I’ve never seen a video like this. Thank you.” Hopefully, we will see more of them.

It’s a tough world on social media for women, especially for teens, who are already uncomfortable in their own skin. We hope to see many more examples of these real life beauties, unfiltered, and feeling great!