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Hypnotist Shares Key Nutrient That Makes People Thin

Believe it or not, a missing nutrient might be all that's standing between you and the number on the scale going down. This simple fix may be all you need to drop those unwanted pounds. TikTok content creator and hypnotist @jimkatsoulis shares some great advice to help us achieve our goals in the new year. 

This is a very simple nutrient to add and it may yield big rewards.

This is wonderful advice. He tells us that by simply increasing our dietary fiber, we will naturally feel full and lose weight. He mentions that a good deal of people may never have felt they were truly full or satisfied without this important nutrient. He tells us that once we increase our fiber, our body goes on autopilot and weight loss is effortless. Sign us up! Some high-fiber foods that you can add to your diet are; chia seeds, psyllium husk, beans, apples, quinoa, oats, and nuts. All are delicious and so easy to incorporate.

The audience was happy to hear this great information. Viewer @ElizabethSaenz commented, “I've recently made it a habit to count my grams of fiber body is happier.” That’s good to hear. Viewer @Paola asked, “What’s your favorite way of adding lots of fiber into your diet?” And @jimkatsoulis replied, “weekday salads with 4-7 vegetables and chickpeas.” We can do that. Viewer @AuntwithAutism said, “The urologist I see for kidney stones told me I have to add more fiber. It stops kidney stones.” That’s interesting to learn.

We will definitely be upping our fiber in the New Year. We would like to shed a few pounds without feeling hungry all the time.