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NYC Mom Shares Detox Tea She Swears by to Combat Bloating

After over-indulging on holiday treats, odds are good that most of us feel a little sluggish and bloated. Taking in a bunch of fluids is so necessary to flush out toxins and get us back on tracks. TikTok content creator @gilliandelzotto1 shares the detox tea recipe she swears by. If it works, it would make fitting into our Christmas outfits much easier. 

This detox tea will have you feeling like yourself again!

This doesn't sound too bad. She tells us she got this recipe from Jillian Michaels years ago. Using a large container, add 2 tablespoons of pure cranberry juice. This is not the cranberry juice cocktail variety; this is the sugar-free, very tart, pure juice that she's using here. Then, add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, along with dandelion tea. If you’re wondering why this tincture works, dandelion tea is high in potassium and may help the kidneys filter toxins more effectively. 

Cranberry juice is high in Vitamin C and will boost your immune system. Lemon juice is also high in the vital nutrient C, and it also has antibacterial properties and it may even help to lower blood pressure. If you have a citrus allergy or suffer from migraines, be careful adding lemon to your diet. Lemon juice contains tyramine, and if you are sensitive, it may trigger a migraine. 

Viewers were ready to give this tea a try. Viewer @eseminara1 said, “Awesome, thank you so much.” Viewer @KristinEvittsTodd asked, “I thought it was a gallon of water also?”And @gilliandelzotto1 replied, “My jar is 32 ounces. But having more water is great. Helps flush retention.” Good to know.

We’re going to give this drink a try hope for the best. It never hurts to increase our Vitamin C intake during cold and flu season, either.