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Woman Insists Drinking 'Onion Water' Cured Her Ailments

If you’ve been feeling sick and just can’t get yourself better, you might consider trying this drink. We can’t say that it will taste delicious, but if it will restore your health, it might be worth choking down. TikTok content creator @spilling_the_sweet_tea tells us about the onion water remedy that has made her well. We wouldn’t like it one bit, but we’d drink it too.

This drink might chase the illness right out of you. But you might also need a chaser for this drink.

Oh my, please don’t let us be sick enough to need this. If you can’t taste anything, this might work out just fine. We believe her when she tells us this has helped her because she wouldn’t keep drinking it if it didn’t. The onion next to the bed we can handle, but drinking it will be a little harder. 

The audience had us laughing! Viewer @IsayaahParker commented, “Oh girl, I can’t be up here drinkin' no onion water. Can we put alcohol in it?” And the creator replied, “LOL. Sure, add vodka!” Ha! Not sure that would make it better, but it might help a little. Viewer @KristyLeigh commented, “I would stay sick lol.” The video creator replied, “It was my last resort, and it worked, so I am gonna stick beside it. I felt so awful.” That’s a great testament to this drink. Viewer @ChantalAponte commented, “My mom boils onion ginger, apple cinnamon sticks and cloves and it works wonders she Dominican, always with the home remedies.” And @spilling_the_sweet_tea replied, “Love that l. Definitely tastier than this water lol.” It sure does!

This is one of those drinks you might say you’ll never try. Never say never.