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Dietitian Gives Tips for How to Portion Food to Lose Weight

Do you hate counting calories? Would you like to learn how to build your dinner plate in a way to promote weight loss? TikTok content creator and dietitian @dietitianwithtwins shows us how to keep our meals in balance. 

This plate is designed to help you lose weight, all while keep you feeling full and well nourished!

We can do this! Her smart suggestions will help us to better visualize our servings without the need to count calories. For each meal, she tells us to aim for 5 ounces of lean protein like chicken breast. You can also choose from other lean meats like salmon, beef, pork, or eggs. She tells us that the protein will stabilize our blood sugar, keep us feeling full, increase our metabolism, and add lean muscle mass.

In addition to the lean protein, she tells us to pick a non-starchy vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, or leafy greens. This serving of veggies should take up 1/2 our plate. And she tells us to cook them in a healthy fat. She mentions that these non-starchy veggies contain micronutrients to keep the metabolism running. They also contain tons of fiber to keep you full.
The starch in our meal should take up only one 1/4 of the plate and will also help to keep us full and satisfied. She suggests always serving the starch with healthy fats and protein to stabilize blood sugar.

This wonderful visual will help us to make better choices through the indulgent holiday season. If we can eat mostly balanced meals, those infrequent indiscretions won’t leave us crying on our scales in January.