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Simple Post-Workout Snack Honestly Looks Like a Dessert

Do you need to eat something after your workouts? If you do, and you’re not a smoothie or shake kind of person, you'll fall in love with this quick and easy post-workout idea. TikTok content creator @myplantbasedkitchen shares her unique way of using this common meal replacement. This recipe is so very clever.

If you’d rather chew, then drink your calories, you’ll adore this delicious treat!

What a terrific way to use protein powder! She gets an A for creativity on this one. This post-workout snack uses a mashed banana as the base. She adds two scoops of chocolate protein powder and a spoonful of peanut butter. Blend well and top with fresh blueberries and raspberries. Yummy! This looks so much more satisfying than drinking a chalky shake. 

The audience was impressed by this smart snack. Viewer @cacha commented, “Oh, I need to try this!! I also eat Greek yogurt with chocolate protein powder post-workout, tastes like chocolate cheese cake!! We’re going to have to try that too. Viewer @ashleydevelops asked, “Have you tried cooking it for 5 min in the microwave? I wonder if it would end up like a brownie.” And @myplantbasedkitchen replied, “Yes, I’ve tried microwave and baking! Both work well and come out amazing!” That sounds like a great idea! Viewer @Crystalina said, “Oh, I tried this with pumpkin spice latte protein & some peanut butter & it was so good!” That sounds like a terrific seasonal variation, as well. It's always good to keep it interesting.

We're ready to give this brilliant idea a try. It might even help us feel more motivated to get that afternoon workout in, too!