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Mom Puts 'Potato Flu Cure' to the Test and We're in Awe

If you've battled the flu before, you understand the lengths you'd go to feel better. But don’t worry, this remedy won’t require you to consume anything crazy. TikTok content creator @anotheroldmom shares her flu remedy and it’s absolutely painless to try!

Don't worry about the starch. This potato remedy is still keto-friendly!

She makes it clear at the beginning of this video that she is not a doctor dispensing medical advice. This simple remedy uses a slice of potato, for each foot, overnight in socks. We aren't going to lie to you; the thought of a cold, wet potato on the bottom of our feet does not sound appealing. However, if we do get the flu this year, you'll find us with potatoes on our feet. It's totally worth a shot. We have no idea what the science is behind this, but suspect it could have something to do with all the acupuncture points on the feet. We've heard of doing this with Vicks VapoRub and socks for that reason, but never a potato. It's worth a try!

The audience was sold on this idea. Viewer @Shanda commented, “potatoes are great! (I'm a licensed tater inspector here in Idaho) I personally use them for all kinds of ailments, including bug bites!” That’s an interesting use we may need to try. Viewer @John commented, "And then you can make home fries in the morning! Win-win.” Ha! With the look of those potatoes in the morning, we’ll pass on those home fries! Viewer @Justme noted, “Welders can sometimes burn their eyes from the flash of welding and putting potatoes on their eyes overnight heals them.” That’s interesting to know. 

In most cases, it can’t hurt to put a slice of raw potato in your socks, so if you do decide to try this remedy, you won’t have to worry about side effects. Other than waking up with a hankering for some french fries!