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Woman Swears by 'Protein Pudding' to Help Beat Nighttime Cravings

It really does look pretty tasty.

When you’re on a weight loss journey, at times it can be quite difficult to not give into the temptation of cravings. So, on those days when you experience those nighttime cravings when your stomach is requesting something sweet, perhaps try this sweet protein pudding recipe from TikTok content creator @takingmylifebackat42.

She’s lost over 200 pounds so far while on her weight loss journey and she contributes this protein pudding (amongst other pudding recipes she often makes) to why she’s lost so much weight.

To make this pistachio protein pudding, she uses an instant JELL-O sugar-free pudding mix in the flavor pistachio and combines it with a birthday cake flavored protein shake, four pumps of pistachio Skinny Syrup and one scoop of protein powder. She then mixes the ingredients together using a hand mixer and either eats it right away or allows it to sit in the refrigerator if she wants a thicker consistency.

In total, this recipe is loaded with 55 grams of protein and is wonderful at curbing those nighttime cravings, especially while on a weight loss journey.

If you choose to make this recipe, you can customize it to make it your own and maybe add collagen powder to add additional benefits!