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Doctor Shares Natural Remedy for Relieving Constipation

This natural recipe only calls for a few ingredients.

One of the most uncomfortable feelings that can occur in the body is constipation. Whether you are not getting enough fiber, such as eating enough fruits and vegetables or simply not getting enough exercise, constipation can be caused by a few different reasons, and while it’s important to be aware of what’s happening in the body to prevent issues like this from happening, it’s just as important to figure out a solution.

If you’re currently experiencing constipation and are looking for a natural remedy, try this easy recipe from TikTok content creator and doctor @drjencaudle.

To make this simple recipe, all you need are the following ingredients: 3/4 cup of prune juice (any brand will do), one cup of unprocessed oats or bran flakes and one cup of applesauce. After you gather the ingredients, you’ll simply get a bowl and pour the applesauce in first, followed by the oats. Begin to stir those two ingredients together before mixing in the final ingredient — prune juice.

After you’ve finished mixing the ingredients, you’ll want to keep the concoction in the refrigerator and take two tablespoons each day with a glass of water.

Much like her followers and viewers in the comment section, we love how simple and natural this recipe is!