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Health Advocate Shares Foods That Help Eliminate Heavy Metals

She swears by these foods.

When you have heavy metals in your body, you increase the chances of potentially developing nervous system disorders immune system dysfunction, skin lesions and so much more; and unfortunately it’s quite easy for your body to become exposed to heavy metals in your body. Heavy metals in your body can occur as a result of air or water pollution, certain foods, medicines, improperly coated food containers and more.

However, just as easy as it is for your body to be exposed metals, it’s actually just as simple to eliminate them from your body. If you’re wondering how to do just that, take a look at this helpful video from TikTok content creator @maggieroseadvocate2.0.

The list of foods that this health advocate recommends to help rid the body of heavy metals are blueberries, asparagus, cilantro and garlic.

We’re not surprised that everything she listed is produce and are actually quite thankful that these items are typically easily accessible and aren’t typically too expensive either.

Additionally, we appreciate how rather simple this list is and how it that doesn’t require you to do much of anything special besides simply eating the food.