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Doctor Shares Key Signs and Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency

Do you suffer from chronic migraines or constipation? Are you always tired and achy? TikTok content creator and naturopathic physician @j9naturally explains the signs of magnesium deficiency. It’s very common to be lacking this important nutrient. 

Do these symptoms describe you?

Do you suffer from any of those symptoms? We sure do, and we are thrilled to have this great information. She tells us there are several major signs of this deficiency. Starting on top are headaches, migraines, restlessness, and irritability. It can also cause issues in the digestive tract like cramps, constipation, and diarrhea. Muscle cramps throughout the body are another sign you may be lacking this nutrient. Neck and shoulder tension is another area affected by this deficiency. And chronic eye twitching can also be a sign you're low on magnesium. That’s so interesting! She recommends magnesium bisglycinate for supplementation. And whichever magnesium you prefer, she recommends using a filler-free formula. Always consult with your doctor before beginning any new supplement.

The audience felt these symptoms were very relatable. Viewer @TracyPiercey asked, "What if you have all of these symptoms? Which type of magnesium do you recommend?" And @j9naturally replied, “bisglycinate covers all symptoms listed.” Good to know. Viewer @Lesley asked, “How much should one take a day?” And @j9naturally replied, “A typical adult dosage is 950 mg of magnesium bisglycinate daily. Best in the morning.” Great information! Viewer @frankiedoodle123 commented, “I sleep so much better and no migraines.” That’s wonderful to hear.

This smart advice can help us to feel our very best. And if it will help to get rid of those migraines, we’ll gladly give it a try.