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Functional Medicine PA Shares Big Sign of Testosterone Deficiency

It can wreak havoc on your metabolism.

As we age, it’s natural for us to experience changes in our bodies, but, if you notice something seems a bit “off” about your body, such as having difficulty packing on muscle, increase in hair loss or low energy levels — just to name a few — you may be experiencing symptoms of having low testosterone.

However, those aren’t the only signs that display you may have a deficiency in testosterone and thankfully, TikTok content creator and PA @healthiwithhannah, shared the number one warning sign to look out for regarding testosterone deficiency.

As she mentions in the video, the main warning sign that signifies testosterone deficiency is having belly fat around the belly. Belly fat contains aromatase which converts testosterone into estrogen; that means if you have less testosterone and produce more estrogen, your belly fat increases. Additionally, as we somewhat mentioned earlier on, aging is another major factor that contributes to declining testosterone as well, so between aging and having additional belly fat, those are two huge factors that are working towards decreasing your testosterone and can unfortunately slow down your metabolism as you age.

Having good amount of testosterone is a pretty big deal considering it plays a major role in developing good muscle tone, sharpening your focus, increasing your energy and more.

If you think you might be showing signs of low testosterone, try eating more real foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, start weight training and adapting HIIT workouts and look for different ways to combat stress.