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Woman's Video About Reality of 'Skinny People' Is So Spot-On

Do you have a stellar metabolism? Can you eat anything you want and always remain the same weight? If not, TikTok content creator @susanamollick asks a question many of us want to know. What do skinny people to do for fun?

Her questions are so relatable. 

This is such a great question that no one wants to ask out-load. We think there are two types of thin people, the ones who are born with a high metabolism and can eat anything they want and never gain a pound. And those who work really, really hard to stay thin. We've known plenty of people who or half our size and ate double the calories and we've studied them for their secrets too. But we've never found an answer we could apply to ourselves. With food and drink being the focus of most social activities, it’s really hard to stay on track and socialize too. 

The audience could relate to this question. Viewer @Sarathornton commented, “Whenever I’ve been on a diet in my life, I have had to literally cut out all socialization. Social life = calories.” That’s so true. Viewer @MaiWeston suggested, “You have to plan ahead - if you are going out in the evening, eat very lean in the day.” That’s great advice. Viewer @GeraldineAnello suggested, “Walks, lots of walks. In the park, in the forest, in the city, Riverside, etc. Museums, concerts, ball games, comedy clubs, etc.” Those are all great ideas.

It’s always easier to stick to a plan if you can find a friend on the same journey. Simply increasing your non-caloric social events might yield great results.