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Fat Loss Expert Has Important Reminder for Anyone 'Trying Not to Be Fat'

Do you measure your happiness by your waist size? If you're never happy with the way you look, no matter what you weigh, you may enjoy hearing this stellar advice. TikTok content creator @thesamplan explains how changing her mindset, improved her quality of life.

Most of our problems are really inside of our own head.

We understand what she is saying. If you're not naturally super skinny, it takes a lot to get your weight down low. She shows us a photo from when she was in fitness competitions and she looks fabulous and then she shows a picture of what she looks like normally, and she looks fabulous. She explains that she wasn't well when she was super skinny. Sometimes she would purge her food; she couldn’t sleep, and she was dizzy all the time. All the praise she received when she was thin made her feel bad when she was at a normal weight. She’s telling us that the version of ourselves, where we feel our best, and when we are happy, is the very best version we should aspire to be. That is solid advice.

The audience understood this well. Viewer @Alex commented, “Thank you so much for this! I’ve always struggled with wanting to be super skinny, but when I was at my thinnest, I was hypoglycemic and hypotensive.” Viewer @kristenaquilina26 said, “Yes! I got very lean 145 I'm so much healthier and have so much energy.” Viewer @WhitneyLawler commented, “Same!!! At my smallest, I was miserable! constantly thought about food and overtraining. All the praise really messes with your head.” It’s very true.

We are happy she shared such an inspiring story. We’ll do our best to focus more on being happy than not being fat this year.