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Holistic Health Practitioner Shares the Best Snack Bars Found at Whole Foods

She also lists the ones to avoid.

No matter your fitness or weight goals, one thing is for sure — you shouldn’t avoid eating snacks. We all know there are quite a few popular high sugar snacks such as candy, cakes, cookies and other pastries we should obviously avoid when trying to attain a healthier lifestyle, but thankfully, there are quite a few healthy snack options that are available on store shelves that can replace those tempting processed snacks.

And if you need help with deciphering between which snack bars you should choose during your next grocery run and which ones you should probably pass on, then take a look at this quick video from TikTok content creator @relishingnutrition.

We love how this video is straight to the point. The snack bars that this holistic health practitioner recommends from Whole Foods are No Cow protein bars, That’s It fruit bars, Aloha Plant-based protein bars and Rise Bar protein bars.

As far as the snack bars she wouldn’t recommend, the list may be surprising for some folks. She would avoid eating Clif protein bars, Luna nutrition bars and Kind bars.

This list of bars she recommends and bars she would avoid is based off of how much protein and added sugars are in the snack bars.

We appreciate this simple list and look forward to grabbing a few during our next grocery run!