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Fitness Enthusiast Has Easy Exercise to Achieve a Snatched Waist

It's not what you might think.

To achieve the goal of having a slim and trimmed waistline while maintaining your curves, it’s all about eating well and doing the proper exercises.

If you got your diet down and are doing the sit-ups and crunches and still aren’t seeing the waistline you desired, it may be time to switch up your approach to working out your core and instead, try this simple exercise courtesy of TikTok content creator Niana Williams, also known as @nianajeann.

As you can see in the quick video, both @nianajeann and her gym bestie no longer do crunches, but instead do an exercise called “Around the worlds.” This exercise involves holding a kettle bell with your hands and swinging it around your body while transferring the kettle bell between both hands, swinging it around your body.

This simple exercise may not look like it’s doing much, but it’s actually woking out your core, forearms, arms and shoulders. Additionally, this kettlebell exercise can improve your grip strengthened improve your shoulder stability as well.

Williams does this exercise four time for one minute each with a 50 pound kettlebell. If you tried this simple exercise, but didn’t feel as though it worked, @nianajeann suggests to try engaging your core, and increase the time and weight and you should be able to notice a difference.