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Mom's Breakfast Hack Easily Gets Her Kids to Eat Spinach

They can't even taste it!

If it’s one thing practically every parent struggles with regarding their little ones, it’s trying to get their kids to eat their vegetables. While there are some vegetables we can sneakily feed our kids, one vegetable our kids can come together to strongly dislike, it’s spinach.

Thankfully, though, if you’re a parent that struggles with aforementioned issue, this breakfast hack from TikTok content creator @mac.larena is a perfect way to get your kids to not only eat their spinach, but enjoy it as well!

Her breakfast hack is actually quite simple. She makes her kids “Tinkerbell” pancakes from scratch and simply adds fresh spinach leaves to the blender with the pancake ingredients and blends everything together, before cooking the pancakes as she normally would.

We love how this simple breakfast hack provides us with a different way to include spinach in our kids’ meals, rather than adding the leafy, iron-rich vegetable to a smoothie. While both options are great, it’s nice to have another recipe to add to our breakfast menu. And what makes this easy recipe even better — she claims her kids now request these pancakes on their own because they love them so much!