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Mom Shares Sneaky Trick for Getting Her Kids to Eat Spinach

Do your kids put up a fight when it comes to eating their vegetables? Do you try to sneak veggies into their favorite foods? TikTok content creator @mac.larena shares her special breakfast recipe, that gets a serving of spinach into her kids in the morning. And it’s not what you might think.

This veggie isn’t hidden in a shake.

Those look so good! We wouldn’t have thought to hide spinach in our pancakes, but it’s a brilliant trick that we will try. We love the name of them too. Hulk pancakes. It fits them perfectly and makes them sound so much better than spinach pancakes. She uses a blender to make the batter, getting all of that spinach mixed in. So darn smart!

The audience was impressed by this genius idea. Viewer @AmyCarpenter commented, “Grinch pancakes.” What a perfect name for the season! Viewer @Brittany added, “My son has autism & is obsessed with the book Green Egg & Ham. I wonder if green pancakes will work too!” And @mac.larena replied, “Worth a try! Someone commented they blend the eggs and spinach for green eggs.” Good to know! Viewer @aporcolina said, "My mom used to do this too! She also made with carrots or beetroot. Each color was from a different cartoon character, it was so fun!” That’s a great idea too! Now we can have both red and green pancakes for Christmas morning with extra serving of veggies to start the holiday. Perfecto!

We love this healthy and festive pancake idea! Since we aren’t huge fans of spinach, we might really enjoy this breakfast veggie as much as the kids do.