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Low-Calorie 'Steak Enchiladas' Are a Guilt-Free Way to Indulge

If you’ve been practicing a low-carb lifestyle but have a hankering for something a little sinful, you’ll greatly enjoy this terrific recipe. TikTok content creator @doosifit shares his high-protein, high fiber and low carb Mexican dish. We could eat the whole darn tray!

This indulgence won't ruin your diet. 

We love the way those steak-filled rolls look! This recipe is simple and easy and can be pulled together quickly on a busy weeknight. First season and then cook your flank steak in a frying pan to medium, as it will continue to cook in the oven. Rest and then dice into bite-sized pieces. Add green chiles and lime juice to the diced steak. Roll the mixture into low-carb tortillas and sprinkle with low-fat cheese. Roll them up and place them into a baking dish with enchilada sauce brushed on the bottom and then brush more sauce over each roll. Top with another sprinkling of shredded cheese and bake them in the oven. Serve with a little sour cream, if desired. 

The audience was ready to give this recipe a try. Viewer @dai asked, “Can we use green enchilada sauce? Lol, we are strictly green people around mi casa.” We can’t imagine it would be bad with green. Viewer @HeatherMorrisonSelf inquired, “What Reddick enchilada sauce are you using? Should I say what brand? And @doosifit replied, “La Victoria!” Great to know. Viewer @Kayla commented, “Making this tonight!!! In the oven now!” That’s a fabulous dinner idea.

Even if you’re not counting carbs, this sensational recipe won’t leave you feeling hungry. We know we’re going to love this dish and we can’t wait to add it to our weekly menu!