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Stored Trauma Might Affect a Person's Ability to Lose Weight

This is actually pretty interesting.

It’s no coincidence that when we start the healing process of removing stored trauma, it feels as though weight has been lifted from our shoulders as a result of carrying and holding onto traumatic events that has occurred over the years. So it makes so much sense that stored trauma in the body can affect a person’s ability to lose weight.

Thankfully, TikTok content creator @theworkoutwitch, not only provides the breakdown as to how storing trauma in the body can affect our weight, but also provides a solution.

As she mentions in the video, if you’re struggling to lose weight and haven’t lost weight in a long time — even when you’ve went through phases when you have eaten well and exercised consistently, it could be related to trauma.

Trauma causes a hormonal imbalance — more specifically, a spike in your cortisol. When your cortisol is running at high levels, it slows down your metabolism and blocks your ability to lose weight. Additionally, trauma also causes increased inflammation in the body, which not only blocks your ability to lose weight effectively, but also causes you to feel bloated a lot of the time.

To combat this and lose weight effectively, the best thing to do is to release the stored trauma from the body.

Some ways in which you can combat stress and trauma in the body is by finding a hobby, enrolling in a physical and meditative practice such as yoga or Tai Chi, or even try seeking out professional help, such as counseling or therapy.