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Nurse Shares 3 Supplements That Help to Balance Hormones

Have your hormones gone haywire? Are you struggling with your weight, mood, and energy? TikTok content creator @waldorfwellness1 shares her secret to balancing her hormones. If you’re in a mid-life funk, it might be worth a try!

These three supplements can help to get you back in balance.

There's nothing worse than feeling out of whack. And if you're just starting out or if you're already in the perimenopausal stage of life, you know this feeling quite well. It’s similar to the way we felt when we were young and getting our hormones. It’s freaking terrible. Now, as the hormones leave, the hot flashes and restless nights begin. The weight gain starts to creep, the skin changes and watching a sad commercial can launch us into a 15 minute sob fest. Sign us up for whatever potion she’s taking. If it works, we’d be thrilled!

The audience understood this problem well. Viewer @Katheytate7 commented, “I need these products. Tell me where to order them.” We hear you Kathy, and you can find the link here. Viewer @LisaFrontiera noted, “Me too, would love to finally talk to someone to help me! Fighting for over 10 years!” Viewer @DanielleUrda asked “Do they have a money back?? If it doesn’t work for me?" And @waldorfwellness1 replied, “Yes- 1 year money-back guarantee.. But it takes some time. At least 60-90 days.” That’s a great policy!

We are going to give this a try. If we could feel happier, more energetic and less bloated, it would make mid-life far more enjoyable.