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Health Coach Shares 3 Things That Destroy Insulin Resistance

Do you struggle to control your blood sugar? Would you like to learn about 3 supplements to help with insulin resistance? TikTok content creator and health coach @robaguh shares his top three choices for bringing down his insulin levels. 

If you’re always feeling hungry, these supplements may help.

This is very interesting information. He tells us that we properly manage our glucose levels by keeping our insulin down and our glucagon up. To do this, his first pick is turmeric. This bright yellow antioxidant is good for fighting inflammation and may also be helpful for improving insulin sensitivity. Berberine is his second choice, and he tells us this herb can help the body in ways similar to metformin by clearing the excess glucose from the body. 

He tells us he takes one after his last meal to lower his glucose before bed. Fish oil is next on the list and he tells us this anti-inflammatory fat helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. He recommends taking this supplement if you’ve had a high carb meal, to help balance the sugar. He stresses the importance of healthy eating, as no amount of supplements can fix an unhealthy diet. That is great advice.

The audience was thankful for the tips. Viewer @AngieAng621 commented, “I took berberine and lost a little bit of weight with it.” Great to hear! Viewer @WillB asked, “Does the berberine have the same side effects as metformin?” And @robaguh replied, “It does not actually. Some experience an upset stomach or dehydration, though. So consult your doctor beforehand.” Viewer @Jennylynn noted, “Wow, reading about Berberine, super excited! Thank you.” We’re looking forward to learning more, too. 

Please consult your physician before beginning any new supplements. We're going to talk to ours. We'd love to start off 2023, a few pounds lighter!